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Areas of Specialization

I work with adults to increase their personal resilience and achieve success. Together, we strive towards discovering personal values and creating meaningful goals that move you forward in a positive and balanced way.

I also specialize in working with artists because I know how tough this profession can be. Whether you are an emerging artist and looking to put some effective practices in place, or are a seasoned professional looking for inspired rejuvenation, I will work alongside you to keep you on your creative path.

Actor Coaching

I also work with actors on audition preparation and technique development



"The life-coaching work that Catherine has done with me has been life-giving. I started working with her as I was coming out of a time of deep struggle and her open and compassionate personality made me feel comfortable right away. Catherine adapted to a style of coaching that works for me and where I’m at in my life. With her, I’ve been able to identify goals, priorities and what I truly care about. Most importantly, she’s given me the tools to move forward with resilience to realize my potential and live a more fulfilling life."

- Gabby R., University Student [Toronto]

Just moments after my first session with Catherine, I could already feel the fog starting to lift. She offers support, enthusiasm, guidance, humour, gentle honesty and, most importantly, she gives you the tools you need to take control of your own life.

- Kate H., Professional Writer & Actor [Toronto]

I’ve been meeting with Catherine regularly for the last year, and I’ve always felt her dedication to helping me stay focused and positive through the early stages of my career has been an asset that any creative professional at a young age could benefit from. From the moment you sit down with her, you sense there’s an immediate sense of caring and desire to help that is so rarely found amongst the creative world these days. Thank you, Catherine!

- Stephen S., Writer/Emerging Artist [Toronto]

"I find it difficult to put into words just how thankful I am for what Cath has done for me. Cath is an inherently inspirational person, which in combination with her incredibly warm and caring personality creates an empowering positive environment. One of her many fantastic qualities is her ability to simultaneously offer a kind and sympathetic ear to your troubles while also coming up with a strategic approach as to how to move onwards and upwards with your life. I leave my sessions feeling confident that I will not only be able to get back on an even keel again, but go on to develop the strength to realize my dreams and long term goals."

- Fitness Instructor, [London England]

Working with Catherine was one of the best decisions I have made this year. She helps me put my life into perspective and figure out the next steps on my career path. She is incredibly friendly and more than willing to help me any way she can, which makes it really easy to open up to her. I highly recommend Catherine to any artist in need of a life coach or simply a great chat!

- Agueda C., Actor/Emerging Artist [Toronto]


I work with adults/artists on:

Creation-based thinking

Sparking the creative catalyst

How to create action days

Effective goal setting

Mindfulness & Balance

Calming the saboteur’s voice

Powerful networking

Overcoming rejection

Confidence building

Career transition

Transformational change

Power of the first impression


Catherine Wachter

A.O.S., B.A., B.Ed., M.A.,C.S.F.P

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