Areas of Specialization

I am a qualified Ontario teacher and life coach who works with children and youth ages 9 and up.

I work closely with students and parents to ensure that a safe space is created in the coaching environment, enabling effective communication and collaboration.

Sessions and programming are flexible to meet individual needs and I work at students’ schools and/or homes.

My coaching approach is dynamic and engaging, designed to faciliate the growth of positive self-concept amongst children under eighteen.

Youth Artists

Working as a professional during high school, or very active in the arts in school?

I offer private acting coaching, audition preparation for post secondary applications, or life coaching geared towards succeeding as a professional artist.

Warrior Within - A short film and creative endeavour

Warrior Within will involve the creation of a short art film that uses metaphor and imagery to help engage students in their understanding of stress, anxiety and how to individually develop their own resilience.

Driven by the student voice, the film will also involve the exploration of art, music production and photography by other students alongside the film.

The short and all its creative facets, will go on to inspire a student-driven curriculum aimed at filling the dearth of creative pedagogy regarding positive mental health for youth.

I work with students on:

Building positive self-concept & self-esteem

Leadership & followership

Positive thinking & envisioning success

Confidence & emotional resilience

Motivation, goal setting & organizational strategies

Mindfulness & balance

Using body language to effectively communicate

Taming the negative inner voice


Catherine Wachter

A.O.S., B.A., B.Ed., M.A.,C.S.F.P

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